About Us

HearWell Audiology Clinic opened it’s doors to the public in late 2011 with the aim to provide the best Professional Audiology, Speech Therapy and Hearing Healthcare Service iHEARWELL_FRONT.jpgn Tanzania. Our is the only such clinic in the country that is exclusively dedicated to provision of Hearing Healthcare Services.

Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our patients so that they realize an improved quality of life through better hearing and communication. We consider quality service as the clients right hence we embarked on getting our clinic ISO certified in early 2012. We received our ISO 9001:2008 in November 2012 after a compliance audit for  ISO.

IMG-20160803-WA015.jpgOur experienced Staff is dedicated to providing the patients with the highest quality of hearing care and speech therapies in a personalized caring environment.

Since we opened, we have been continuously adding services relating to Hearing Healthcare and Communications.

We have partnered with various international manufacturers to ensure support services for all major brands are available locally. HearWell is the official distributor for Sivantos for Siemens/Signia brand of Hearing Instruments, Rayovac Hearing Aid batteries, 2Pluxx Custom noise protection and MEDEL Cochlear Implants for Tanzania.

In early 2013 we achieved a milestone when we enhanced our facilities by Installing our own Ear Mould Laboratory and introducing Diagnostic ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) test. This being the only such test available in the country. Since the introduction of Diagnostic ABR at our facaudio room.jpgility, we have managed to confirm Hearing Loss in children as young as 3 months old to ensure early intervention takes place in due time so that the speech and language development is not compromised. Besides this, Diagnostic ABR test has helped to rule out hearing impairment in a large number of children who are thought to have hearing loss on behavioural observation but are in fact children with special needs such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Speech Delayed and more.

Other areas that we have developed during 2014 include Post Surgical Support for Cochlear Implant Patients whereby we provide services such as Mapping, Troubleshooting, Spare parts Counselling (Pre and Post Surgery) and other CI related support for which earlier the patients would have to travel abroad.

IMG-20160803-WA034[1].jpgIn the year 2016, we decided to enhance our Quality Management Systems even further and applied to upgrade our ISO certification to 9001:2015 (The Latest Standard). We complied to all the requirements and were granted ISO 9001:2015 certification in October 2016 after and Audit. This was yet again another first and a milestone in achievement for HearWell. The new scope now also includes Cochlear Implant Support amongst other things and thus ensuring our CI patients get CI Support which is of International Standards.

In 2017, HearWell made another history by facilitating a local CI Surgery program in 18891595_1453316091396625_9207582538141023144_o.jpgTanzania. For the first time in the history of Healthcare, 5 children underwent Cochlear Implantation locally at the Muhimbili National Hospital. HearWell has been working closely with MNH since 2013 to establish a local CI Surgery program and 2017 saw these efforts turn into reality. The program is on going and subsequent surgeries have been planned.

2018 saw yet another significant development at HearWell. We acquired the state of the art diagnostic equipment for testing the Vestibular system. We can now test all the 6 semicircular canals objectively and ensure correct diagnosis is made, so that appropriate treatment can be administered. HearWell is the only Audiology Clinic in the country to provide this objective diagnosis for patients suffering from Vertigo and Dizziness. We also provide treatment and rehabilitation for the same.

In view of getting our services closer to the patients and to enable wider outreach of Hearing Care, HearWell has now established a collaboration with the Aga Khan Hospital Dar es Salaam. Since 1st of August 2018, a member of our team is also AKH Announcement new.jpgavailable at the Aga Khan Hospital, making the availability of all of our services at the same level of quality and patient care at the hospital. This collaboration provides time and logistic convenience to the patients as well making services available for patients with medical insurance at the hospital.

We are also working towards establishing the first ever Newborn Hearing Screening Program at the Hospital. The Aga Khan Hospital Dar es Salaam, will become the first hospital in the country to provide newborn hearing screening.