The Team

Our team comprises of specialists in the field of Hearing Healthcare and Speech & Language to ensure the highest standard of care and professionalism in the services we offer.

Fayaz Jaffer, HHP, BA (Hons), MSc Audiology
 –  (Audiologist & CI Specialist) 

With an academic background in Business, IT and Hearing Healthcare amongst other fields, Fayaz is the Founder and Managing Director of HearWell Audiology Clinic.

Clinically, he focuses mainly on the fitting aspects of the Hearing Instruments and Cochlear Implants at HearWell. He ensures that Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants are fitted based on clients’ Audiograms, requirements and communications needs so that the maximum benefit is achieved. He has undergone various trainings in Germany and UK and is highly skilled in programming and fitting of the most sophisticated Instruments.

He holds a Masters in Clinical Audiology and Hearing Therapy and also assumes the role of a Cochlear Implants Specialist at HearWell. His expertise in field of CI includes Mapping, Troubleshooting and Counselling (Pre and Post Surgery). He he has undergone various trainings for this in Switzerland, Austria and Poland. His research work, the first of its kind in Tanzania, titled “Rehabilitation Outcomes in Children with Cochlear Implants in Tanzania” has been published in the Global Journal of Otolaryngology.

Fayaz is one of the founders of the CIGT (Cochlear Implant Group of Tanzania) and played a significant role in establishing a Local Cochlear Implant Surgery Program in Tanzania, that saw the first local CI Surgeries done at Muhimbili National Hospital in June 2017. He was also awarded a recognition by MNH for his contribution to the program.

Other areas of his expertise include Hearing Evaluations, Counselling, Ear Impressions, Earmolds Manufacturing, Balance Testing and Electrophysiology tests (ABR, OAE, ASSR).

He is  a member of the International Hearing Society (IHS) and maintains a good standing with the organisation. Locally, he is actively involved with the Tanzania ENT Society (TENTS) as an associate member and member of the governing council for the society.

His other involvement included voluntary community work where he held the position as the Vice Chairman (2008 – 2015) of the Central Board of Education (CBE) that governs various schools (Pre-nursery to High school), a College of Higher Learning and a Special Education Needs School. He resigned at the end of his 3rd term in June 2015 to dedicate more time in developing HearWell further.

rashida_2Rashida Gulamali, BASLP, MSc Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy – (Audiologist & Speech and Language Pathologist)

As full time Audiologist & Speech and Language Pathologist, Rashida brings to HearWell a wealth of experience and expertise. She has worked in various clinical setups in departments of Audiology and Speech. Being in the field for over 8 years, she has conducted hundreds of hearing evaluations and an equivalent amount of Speech Therapy Sessions. Her research on Speech and Swallowing outcomes in buccal mucosa carcinoma has been published in the Indian Journal of Palliative Care. Her main areas of focus at HearWell is Hearing Evaluations, Ear Impressions, ABR, Speech Evaluation and Speech Therapy. Other areas of her expertise include Hearing Aid fitting and Tinnitus Therapy.

She holds a Masters in Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy. Her research on Parental Perspective Pre- and Post- Cochlear Implants in Tanzania has been published in the Scholarly Journal of Otolaryngology. She is also a member of the International Hearing Society (IHS) and an associate member of the Tanzania ENT Society (TENTS).

Rashida is also a MED-EL certified trainer for speech therapy modules for children with Cochlear Implants. From time to time, she conducts various trainings and seminars for special educators and speech therapists on topics that include rehabilitation of chioldren with CI.

Her other involvement includes a voluntary membership with the Lions club of Mzizima, a charity organisation that helps the needy in various fronts.

Amalia S. Just (Nurse)

A qualified nurse by profession, Amalia is the receptionist and Nurse at HearWell.ami.jpg

She is the first contact for patients at our clinic. Being in the nursing profession for a number of years, she brings with her a lot of experience in patient care.

She has undergone training in Customer Care, Counselling, Otoscopic examination, Basic Audiology and Analogue and Trimmer based Digital Hearing Aid fitting. She also assists the ENT Consultant with procedures such as Earwax removal.

Fausta A. Elias (SLP Assistant)

A Nurse by profession, Fausta has undergone training in Basic Speech Therapy Program  that is part of Training by MEDEL for Cochlear Implant Children. She has successfuly completed Stage 1 and 2 of the Speech Therapy Program.fausta

She is continuously undergoing training in areas of Speech Therapy and assists in therapy sessions. Children attending speech therapy sessions at HearWell, love being in presence of Fausta.

Apart from assisting in Speech Therapies, Fausta also helps in administrative tasks at the clinic.

Gladiness Mbise (SLP Assistant)

gladyA Teacher by profession, Gladiness has undergone training in Basic Speech Therapy Program  in house that is part of Training by MEDEL for Cochlear Implant Children. She has successfuly completed Stage 1 and 2 of the Speech Therapy Program.

Gladiness continues to develop her skills in various areas such as Speech therapy for Autistic Children.


Ali Jaffer – BSc Healthcare Sciences, Audiology (Clinical Audiologist)

ali pic

Ali is the youngest member of the HearWell team. He holds a  BSc. in Audiological Sciences program from Aston University in Birmingham, UK and works at HearWell as a full time Clinical Audiologist.

With three years of knowledge and experience in UK and working at various NHS Hospitals, he brings to HearWell an additional dimension of quality patient care. Ali is also a certified ISO Lead Auditor and thus ensures that best systems and practise are put into place to provide the best patient care and smooth operations at HearWell.

Ali has also undergone various trainings in the field of Cochlear Implants and undertakes mapping sessions and support services for patients with CI. He has also undergone training in Temporal Bone Radiology for Cochlear Implants and helps to review imaging to determine CI Candidacy.

Ali is currently pursuing his Masters in Clinical Audiology and Hearing Therapy and is expected to complete in Mid 2020.

One of his key areas of interest and specialisation is Vestibular Diagnosis and Rehabilitation. HearWell is the only clinic in Tanzania to offer objective vestibular diagnosis. Through his expertise in this area, Ali has managed to provide accurate diagnosis to all patients suffering from vestibular issues and has managed to treat numerous patients suffering from BPPV with great success.