Various services related to Hearing Healthcare and Communication are provided at our clinic.

At present we offer services in the following areas:


We offer comprehensive Hearing Evaluations for all age groups including infants and children. These include:

  • Video Otoscopic Examinationearcheck_black_with coat – All patients will ear/hearing issues, initially go through Otoscopy to rule out any physiological abnormalities such as Impacted Earwax, Ear drum perforation, Inflammation, Draining ear, fungal infections and presence of any foreign bodies. At HearWell, patients get a chance to view the condition of their ears with our state of the art video otoscope. This helps the patient understand better about the condition of their ears from the clinician’s point of view.
  • Audiometry – This is a painless, non-invasive hearing test that measures a person’s ability to hear different sounds, pitches, or frequencies. The test is conducted in different ways depending on the age of the patient and their compliance to instructions. In most situations the patient will wear headphones and hear a range of sounds (tones usually) directed to one ear at a time. The patient is expected to respond every time he or she hears the tones.  In young children however this is not easy, as they are sometimes not very compliant to instructions. Thus, other methods such as conditioning or play audiometry is used for this purpose.
  • Tympanometry  – This test detects problems such as fluid buildup behind the ear drum, perforated eardrum, ossicle bone damage, or tumors in the middle ear. It also helps to measure the function of the Eustachian Tube. This test provides information about the condition of the Middle Ear that cannot be seen during the Otoscopic Exam. It is an important test that helps the ENT Specialist decide the course of treatment depending on the severity of the problem. Young children especially, are very prone to Middle ear Infections and sometimes require minor surgical intervention using PE (Pressure Equalizing) tubes. The results of this test helps the ENT Specialist advise on appropriate treatment or management.
  • Otoacoustic Emmision (OAE) – This is a screening test that is very useful for newborns. In developed countries, all newborns are subjected to OAE screening after birth before discharge from the hospital. It checks for the function of the Outer Hair Cells and thus identifies possibilities of Hearing Loss that may require further diagnosis. In absence of a Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (UNHS) program, parents are encouraged to get this tests done for early identification of hearing loss, specifically for newborns with history of NICU and family history of hearing loss.
  • Diagnostic ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response)  – This test gives information about the inner ear (cochlea) and brain pathways for hearing. This test is also sometimes referredbabyABR2 to as auditory evoked potential (AEP). The test can be used with children or other patients who have a difficult time with conventional behavioural methods of hearing screening. This is a non-invasive test and it is performed by pasting electrodes on the head—similar to electrodes placed around the heart when an electrocardiogram is run — it records brain wave activity in response to sound. The person being tested rests quietly or sleeps while the test is performed. No response is necessary. This test is very useful in confirming or ruling out Hearing Loss especially in children and particularly those who fail the new born hearing screening.



HearWell is the only clinic in the country that uses objective diagnosis in testing the Vestibular System and prides itself of having a specialist in this field. Often patients are misdiagnosed due to subjective diagnosis. Objective diagnosis ensures correct treatment or rehabilitation. About 40% of vestibular issues are due to BPPV that can be corrected by a simple 10 minute manoeuvre. At HearWell we use the state of the art diagnostic equipment (The ICS Impulse) that can check all 6 Semi circular canals (organs of balance) to ensure correct diagnosis is made. Many a times, dizziness and vertigo are due to causes other than in the vestibular system. Through this evaluation, we can confirm or rule out problems with the vestibular system hence provide appropriate treatment for the problem.


Some people produce excessive ear wax which then accumulates in the Ear canal and eventually blocks the ear resulting into pain and reduced hearing.

At HearWell we manage ear wax routinely by using safe methods such as microsuction and water irrigation to relieve you of these issues.

We can also provide you with reliable ENT Specialist referrals for medical management when required.


As vital part of our services, we offer assessment and rehabilitation for numerous speech, language, voice, and swallowing disorders. This includes:

  • Speech and Language Evaluation – Any speech and language delay requires a thorough assessment  to determine the cause so that appropriate intervention can be planned. Speech and Language delays can be caused by hearing loss, anatomical issues or neurological issues.

  • Speech therapy – Depending on the cause of speech and language delay, individual management plans are made to correct speech and language deficits.

  • Speech and language rehabilitation for stroke patients – Stroke results into language disorders for most patients. A correct diagnosis and early intervention helps to restore communication and language abilities for such patients. Our Speech and Language pathologist is an expert in this area and has helped numerous patients recover their communication abilities after stroke.

  • Assessment and therapy for learning/behavioural disorders – At HearWell we also cater for children with special needs such as Autism, Down Syndrome and Celebral Palsy amongst others. We help to develop their communication skills with focus on spoken language. Our therapists are trained on intervention and management of such disorders.

Cochlear Implant Support

Our clinic offers various support services for Cochlear Implant Patients as well as prospective Cochlear Implant Candidates.MEDEL.jpg

Services for prospective CI candidates includes counselling, detailed explanation of the surgery, choice of CI available, outcome expectations and post surgical advise. This process helps the patients and their families to get prepared and cope up with the whole process as well as understand their role in ensuring maximum benefit for the patient.

For existing CI patients, we offer Mapping, Troubleshooting, Counselling on care and Maintenance, checking the condition of electrodes function, spare parts and rehabilitation programs.