Our core focus is delivering quality hearing care which is unparalleled and thus we are very selective in choosing our partners and affiliations, be it in Diagnostics Equipment or end customer products. We select only the brands that are well known for their quality and support in the Hearing Healthcare field.


signia-logo-1014x479We offer a wide range of Hearing Instruments to cater for each individual’s requirement, be it in function, style or budget. We offer from the simplest to the most sophisticated types of Hearing Aids. HearWell is the official distributor for SIGNIA Hearing Aids (formerly SIEMENS) from Germany.

We have categorised our offering on Hearing Aids into three levels depending on the performance and features:

  • imgrc0080855821.jpgBasic Level Hearing Aids – This category of hearing aids are suitable for new users as they are the most affordable but at the same time provide significant benefit for hearing speech. They are simple to use and require no adjustments by the patient once they are programmed and fitted. We also recommend these types of hearing aids for children due to ease of handling.
  • s-l300Advanced Level Hearing Aids – Hearing Aids in this category have more features and suitable for users who want some control over how they hear through the hearing aids. Adjustments such as loudness and sound balance can be done through the user’s mobile phone. These hearing aids also include feature that help in suppression of background noise which is quite useful in listening to speech in a noisy environment. They also have the capability of setting hearing programs for various situation such as Noisy Environment and a dedicated program for Television.
  • styletto-by-signia-2Premium Level Hearing Aids – These hearing aids are packed with features that provide ease of hearing in any environment. Users can have a lot of control on the hearing experience. They also connect to mobile phones for direct streaming of calls into the hearing aids thus providing the ultimate hearing experience. Patients can have the option of rechargeable hearing aids in this category and eliminate need of changing batteries every week.

Besides the performance level, hearing aids are available in different styles including Behind the Ear (BTE), Receiver in the Canal (RIC) and In the Canal (ITC).



medelA Cochlear Implant is an electronic device that bypasses the non functioning part of the inner ear to restore hearing through electric stimulation. It is indicated for profoundly deaf patients and patients who can no longer benefit from Hearing Aids. HearWell played a vital role in establishing the local national cochlear implant program in Tanzania. Numerous children born with congenital deafness have been implanted and are now living normal lives as their hearing peers.

Post lingual adult patients who lose their hearing later in life can also benefit with cochlear implants.

HearWell is the authorised distributor for MED-EL Cochlear Implants. We also provide service and parts for Cochlear Implants including mapping.


Batteries of AllProLine_Standard_6pk_Group_Row_Size312Front_Actual_Size.png sizes specifically made for Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants are available at HearWell. We offer the world’s No. 1 trusted brand, Rayovac. These batteries are known to last longer than other batteries and are customised specially for us. HearWell is also the authorised distributor for these batteries in Tanzania.


IMG_2517.jpgIn an effort to prevent Noise Induced Hearing loss due to occupational and recreational activities, HearWell has partnered with 2pluxx to offer you custom made noise protection that is of superior quality than similar products available in the market. Made to fit you perfectly according to your ear shape and size, these ear molds can be used whenever you are in a noisy environment (Occupational or Recreational), for swimming or even if you want to have a quite peaceful sleep at night. Various colours are available according to your preference.


screenshot-for-Jason-1024x554.jpgPatients fitted with Behind the Ear (BTE) require ear molds for perfect fit of hearing aids and to achieve maximum benefit. HearWell strives to provide quality service and products to its customers, hence we have invested in the latest technology for producing precise ear molds with 3D Printer. We have our own lab where the ear impressions are scanned to digital format, ear molds are then designed using a software, printed on a 3D printer and then run through the finishing process ready for fitting. The use of this technology ensures precision and perfect fit for ear molds.


We also stock various parts and accessories for Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants. So whether you require a simple thing as a tube change, ear hook, new earmold, battery doors or a drying kit for your hearing aid, we have most of it.